Lavender Floral and Blue Paisley Beaded Scarf

lavender floral paisley brown beaded ruffle fringe


Graceful swirls of soft metallic blue paisleys amidst a sea of lavender/pink flowers and leaves on a rich milk chocolate satin.  The reverse side is a more contemporary pattern of a gold ribbon with rays of metallic blues/greens/reds and purples on a dark chocolate satin.  The ends are adorned with a metallic blue satin ruffle, along with luxurious hand beaded polymer clay fringe and multicolored hand made yarn fringe.  In addition to wearing this scarf, it can also be draped on bed, chair, or sofa, like a luxurious throw.  That way you can see it everyday!  The length including the fringe is 62″, and the width is 16″.  Hand wash and hung to dry, please.