Merlot Indian Style Necklace


I decided to try a very different style for me, based on a friend of mine. She is of Indian decent. She was recently preparing to go to a traditional Indian wedding, where the women dress in elaborate and colorful Saris, adorned in beautiful jewelry. I thought it would be rather fun to try and see whether I could come up with a line that would resemble that style. This is one of the necklaces that I created to capture my vision of that unique style. The predominate color in this necklace is a metallic merlot shade of purple. The inner oval shapes are a pearl colored clay that I painted using liquid sculpey to give it an embossed feel. Then I painted them with several different colors of iridescent glazes. It is also adorned with rhinestones for extra glamour. It has a lobster clasp closure with an adjustable chain for length. Matching earrings are available on request.