Elegant Blue Indian-Style Cameo Necklace

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$100 + $4.95 S&H

This is yet another necklace that I came up with that I created in essence of an Indian-like style*. This predominate color of this necklace is a metallic peacock blue, quite striking!! The center part of each of the elements are marblized clay with layers of several different colors (mostly jewel tones) of iridescent glazes. It is also adorned with rhinestones for extra glamour. It has a lobster clasp closure with an adjustable chain for length. Matching earrings are available on request.

*I decided to try a very different style for me, based on a lovely friend of mine. She is of Indian decent. She was recently preparing to go to a traditional Indian wedding, where the women dress in elaborate and colorful Saris, adorned in beautiful jewelry. I thought it would be rather fun to try and see whether I could come up with a line that would resemble that style.