Blue Floral Leaf Fairy Wing Necklace


This is one of my most dramatic designs; not only in design but also because of the contrast in color. It is made with turquoise, and black polymer clay, and with my opalescent line*, as well. There are shades of blues, greens, purples, and gold in this necklace. I added beautiful Swarovski crystals to add extra glamor and dazzle. This will definitely make a statement! It has a lobster clasp with additional chain for added length. Matching earrings are available on request.

Please feel free to ask me any question about this piece, or any of my others! Thank you for viewing my work!
*This is from my new ‘opalescent’ line of necklaces. It is made from translucent polymer clay, that has ribbons of colored translucent clay, as well as a special glitter medium, marbled in. The glitter adds a whole new dimension of luminescence, and brilliance.