Abstract Opalescent Shell-Like Necklace


This is a very ‘beachy’ type necklace. Perfect for that beach vacation; can be worn both casually and dressed up! It is made from pearl and my opalescent line* of polymer clay. There are shades of peach, turquoise, gold, pink, and lavender within the opalescent insets. All the polymer elements are varying shapes, which I hand sew together in an abstract, yet symmetrical way. It has a lobster clasp with additional chain for added length. Matching earrings are available on request.


*This is from my new ‘opalescent’ line of necklaces. It is made from translucent polymer clay, that has ribbons of colored translucent clay, as well as a special glitter medium, marbled in. The glitter adds a whole new dimension of luminescence, and brilliance.