As a child, I had a passion for working with my hands, especially in creating small things. This passion was part of the reason that I enjoyed dentistry as a career for 15 years. During this time, I began re-designing our home environment. I first experimented with painting our walls, then furniture, then fabric, clothes, glass, et cetera. Virtually, anything that didn’t move, I would attempt to embellish with my creative spirit “gone wild.” [You should see our house, and pity my poor family!]

After having two boys and much reflection, I felt the need to spend more time with them. During this time, creating small “containable” things such as jewelry became desirable both as a creative and practical outlet. Each piece requires so many different steps (molding, shaping, firing, painting) followed then by the careful piecing together with other beads and/or metals to complete my vision of graceful accessories. I hope you enjoy wearing my creations as much as I enjoyed the process of crafting them for you!